Open Programme

The Urban School Ruhr is organized in three different departments: Spaces of Learning, Practices of Commoning, and Intervention as a Strategy. In autumn 2016, its Open Programme will be developed throughout five sessions taking place in the cities of Witten and Hattingen.
In addition to the departments, the programme is amplified via cooperations with associated tutors and educational partners.

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Save the Dates!

10-11. + 17-18. June  + 8-9. July
Die Wirkliche Welt

12-18. September
USR – Making Of…

22-25. September
Spaces of Learning

05-08. October
Practices of Commoning

10-13. November
Intervention as a Strategy

20.-27. November

09-10. December 2016
+ 13-14. + 20-21. January 2017
Adventures in Everyday Life

21.-22. + 28.-29. April + 20.-21. May
Das Bild der Stadt – Seminar & AS/IF ALL IN II

The activities on offer are free and open to all, however they require registration – Please see our Calendar for detailed informations.

If you are interested in offering an activity or tutoring at USR, please see Teach at USR.


Each session comprises of different learning formats:

ON-SITE WORKSHOPS are conceived as a three to four days opportunity for participants to explore diverse approaches and engage with activities within the urban environment, have a hands-on approach to the city and make concrete proposals. By allowing practice to inform theory, we will be learning by doing.


ASSEMBLY SEMINARS provide a discussion-oriented learning format, where anyone interested can join and exchange experiences and thoughts. Contemporary formats like hackathons, knowledge cafés or mobile printing press can be tested and adopted.



DISCURSIVE DINNERS Understanding the kitchen as a site of dialogue and reciprocity, attendees cook and eat together. During the dinner, invited speakers do a short presentation – in between courses- followed by an informal discussion.

AS/IF INSTALLATIONS serve as theory in the practice, testing new concepts in space. Installations can be approached by anyone, and be set up anywhere: for example, in empty shops or public institutions – especially where there is a window display – or they can be found rolling on the streets.