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This FAQ is for the Class 2016.

Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone with a link to Witten or Hattingen is welcome to apply for the Class 2016– Spring Session. Applications are open to all. We are looking for people who are interested in the cross-links between culture and city making. The only prerequisite is a link to either Witten or Hattingen, since these are the cities the USR is rooted in; and of course a committed interest in arts and culture as well as a desire to improve the urban environment through collaborative exploration and action.

Can I apply if I am not a student?
Of course.

If I am not from Witten or Hattingen, can I still apply?
It does not matter what link you have to these cities: if you grew up, studied, moved or worked there, or if you are involved in any way in the cultural life in Witten or Hattingen, you can apply. We are looking for participants who are motivated to bring the knowledge gathered during the Class 2016 – Spring Session program into these cities.

Can I apply to more than one trip ?
Yes. If you do so, please state in your application why you are interested in visiting each city.

What documents will I need for the application process?
All applicants must complete the application form found in the Apply section

You must answer the three questions, and you can provide an URL link to a website or work samples (this is not mandatory).When is the deadline
The deadline of the Spring Session is on the 27th of March

When can I apply to the Summer Session (trips to Athens and Liverpool)?
The Open Call for the Summer Session will be launched in April. Be patient!

How long is the Class 2016 program and how much time will I have to commit?
Each trip lasts four days. Participation in the Class 2016 program will include attendance to a preparation and a feedback event, both happening either in Witten or Hattingen. The dates of the preparation events will be announced to selected participants.

What is the grant for ?
A 400€ grant will be granted to 4 to 5 students per trip. The instalment will be reimbursed after the trip, so you should be able to pay up front for your own travel expenses.

Will accommodation and food be provided?
No. However, the Urban School Ruhr can help you find accommodation.

Will the Urban School Ruhr provide letters of support for funding applications?
Yes. We are happy to help wherever we can.