Join us on an excursion to Athens

Wed, 29.06.16 - Sat, 02.07.16, all day
Athen, Greece, Athens
Klasse 2016


The applications for this trip is now OPEN! Deadline 17.05 23.59p.m.

In response to the ongoing economic crisis, many self-initiated projects have flourished in Athens. These projects not only offer an alternative way to manage urban commons but sometimes even compensate for the absence of the state and the lack of certain basic services, like healthcare.

In Athens, USR will attend the Autonoma Conference on urban autonomy and the collective city, be introduced to the Arbit City Group, take an urban walk through Exarchia neighborhood and Navarinou park, converse with the Errands Group, visit the Latraac skate park, and meet with the local team of documenta 14 (tbc), as well as with members of the Athens Solidarity Clinic (tbc) and Amalia Zepou, Vice Mayor for Civil Society and Municipality Decentralization and founder of Synathina (tbc).