72 HOUR INTERACTIONS - Retrospective


Sun, 13.11.16    
11:00 - 13:00


USR Shopschule
Bahnhofstrasse 48, Witten

Event Type

Department: Intervention as a Strategy
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More than two years after the World Championship of Gameful Architecture in Witten, we look back with a happy and a critical eye.
As a consequence of our practice we have developed “failed participation” – a method to question and talk about projects in public space and the arts in general. When and how does participation fail – and is an openness to failure perhaps a necessary aspect of participatory processes?

We will discuss suspicions of “fake participation”, WTF?-effects as well as aesthetic expectations using 72 HOUR INTERACTIONS as an example.

Participants should watch online the documentary: Spielplatz für alle!


Jennifer Aksu is an experimental urbanist, artist, cultural manager and teacher. She co-founded the artist collective Invisible Playground with a special interest in rules, uses and habits manifest in urban space. Joining the discussion will be some of the very different people involved in 72HI: the producers, the curators, the participants and spectators.