Learning f(r)o(m)r what? Learning f(r)o(m)r whom?


Do, 22.09.16 - So, 25.09.16    


USR Shopschule
Bahnhofstrasse 48, Witten


Fachgebiet: Räume des Lernens
Information zur Anmeldung hier.

N.B.: Dieser Workshop wird in Englisch geführt.

If “learning” implies a preparatory moment, what is this preparation for and what would we like it to be in this current time? If “learning” has also an emancipatory potential, from what would we emancipate? Through the sharing of different material such as films, texts and activities like visits and explorations, the group will try to navigate into the idea of learning in its several implications and reflect critically and creatively.

Participants of the workshop will be invited to use, articulate and transform the questions above engaging in active confrontations and observations in the city of Witten, using the medium of the video. A collection video-documents will emerge in which filming is an active way to engage with the questions and is meant to be a space of learning in itself.

Participants are invited to bring video equipment if they have it at their disposal.


Laura Lovatel Federica Menin
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