Diskursives Dinner - Block-Lehr-Veranstaltung III


Fr, 07.10.16    
19:00 - 23:00


USR Shopschule
Bahnhofstrasse 48, Witten


Fachgebiet: Praxen des Commoning
Information zur Anmeldung hier.

N.B.: Die Vorträge werden auf Englisch gehalten.

Discursive Dinner : Practicing the Commons

Commons – Commoners – Doing in Common. Commoning as an everyday life practice. This department focuses on the ongoing practices and discourse around the commons. It investigates concepts like community, trust, access, struggle, responsibility, sharing and gift, while it aims at rethinking how we live in relation to each other and the environment.

Understanding the kitchen as a site of dialogue and reciprocity, attendees cook and eat together. During the dinner, invited speakers do a short presentation – in between courses- followed by an informal discussion.

Invited Guests: Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh (Urban Research Group), Juan Chacón (Zuloark), Sofia Dona (Errands)